Children’s Activities At The Museum!

Attention parents and guardians of Churchill County, if you are looking for something to occupy your Parents and guardians of Churchill County: if you are looking for something to occupy your child’s free time, look no further! We have activities for little kids, teens, and everyone in between! Visit our exhibits page or call 775-423-3677…

Pardon Our Dust!

If you have been to the museum lately, you may have observed some creativity in progress! Our team has been working on our upcoming temporary exhibit, The 1860s: The Decade that Made Nevada. Come down today to watch them work and ask questions, or starting next weekend to enjoy the exhibit!

Your Call is Important to Us (we mean it!)

Our friends at CC Comm have put in some hard work getting us a wonderful new phone system! This should improve caller experience overall. Please be patient with us over the next few weeks, as our staff learns how to use our fancy new handsets properly!

Revamped Online Store

Today we’re launching our updated online store! This new version is much more streamlined, and gives us the option to add more: more objects, more options, and yet more to come! Take a look here! As this is a new system, there may be some hiccups! If you have any technical issues, please email…

Meet The Family

Looking to reconnect with your roots? We can help! We have a large reference collection including many local family histories and obituaries, photographs, and access to Call us at 775-423-3677 or email to make an appointment to come in and see if we can help you learn about your family’s history! The Sutherland…