Meet The Family

Looking to reconnect with your roots? We can help! We have a large reference collection including many local family histories and obituaries, photographs, and access to Call us at 775-423-3677 or email to make an appointment to come in and see if we can help you learn about your family’s history! The Sutherland…

New Grimes Point Activity Book

It seems like we’re getting a little break from the wintery weather, so why not take advantage of the mildness to check out Grimes Point? Before you go, stop by the museum to learn about Hidden Cave in our newest permanent exhibit and pick up this free activity book! This Junior Ranger book, provided by…

Going for the Gold

Looking for something to do now that school’s out? Come by the museum and try our new treasure hunt! Beatrice has found 24 shiny gold-colored objects in our museum. Can you find them too? Come in to find out and even win a prize!

Holiday Time at CCM

Though we’ve had our ornaments up for some time now, our curators have just finished setting up the rest of our holiday decorations. Be sure to stop by and see if you can find all 4 santa hats not-so-subtly hidden in our exhibits!

A Banner Day

We’ve fixed up the rolling sign that used to be near the Twisted Branch so we can once again use it to promote upcoming attractions! Be sure to keep an eye out while you’re driving down Tolas!