Mural Volunteers Wanted!

We’re moving on to our second mural in the Our Communities, Our Stories project, and we’re looking for volunteers to help us paint our rodeo scene! Details on the flyer below, or contact Marilyn (, 775-423-3677 ext 1223) for more details! Alt text: Flyer entitled “Volunteer Painters Wanted! Churchill County Museum Mural. The left side…

One in a Mill-ion

We’re excited to say that our reproduction stamp mill is once again functional! So if you want to know more about how miners at the turn of the last century processed rock, we’ve got a cool button for you to push! Check out this video to see it at work:

The 1860s: The Decade that Made Nevada – In Previews Now!

Though we’re still finishing up some pieces, we’ve decided to open our newest temporary exhibit, The 1860s: The Decade that Made Nevada, a little early! Come and try out our new hands-on activities, including a mockup Pony Express station, as you learn about our state’s early history! The exhibit will be open through November, so…

Forgotten History?

Did you know about the historic Maine Street flood of 1907? As we continue to face a drought, images like these may appear out of place. Are there any historic events in Fallon that you feel are underrepresented, or that aren’t well known? Pictured is Maine Street flooded in 1907, with images of the Churchill…

Pardon Our Dust!

If you have been to the museum lately, you may have observed some creativity in progress! Our team has been working on our upcoming temporary exhibit, The 1860s: The Decade that Made Nevada. Come down today to watch them work and ask questions, or starting next weekend to enjoy the exhibit!

Welcome, Summer!

Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, so get out and enjoy the sun! Just remember to protect your eyes like this very good doggo!