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The roads may be closed, but we are open! You can get to the museum through our business access located on West Tolas Place. Starting Today (3/2/2021), our hours will be 10a.m to 5p.m. Tuesday – Saturday and 10a.m. to 3p.m. on Sunday. (We are still closed on Mondays). Want a visual guide? Check out…

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Looking for a new way to experience the museum? Well look no further than our official app! Available on iOS, Android, and in any browser, the Churchill County Museum App is your guide to all things CCM! Have a full virtual tour from the comfort of your own home, or come in and experience an…


You might have heard the rumors or seen the signs and now we can confirm it’s true – The Churchill County Museum now has an online store! We have all your favorite CCM Gear (click any image to check out the category!) Beatrice Badger Books Cantaloupe Gear Clothing Cups and Mugs Decor Stationery Toys You…

John Rebol Oral History

John Rebol, today’s interviewee, had a long and storied life with many interesting notes about life in Churchill County. One such topic, and one that’s rarely discussed, is the presence of Japanese-Americans, who prior to WWII often made a living selling produce. Take a listen here! Image is of Sasaki Hiten, Yoshiko Ito, and May…

Ralph Ratti Oral History

When railroads were more used, the countryside was dotted with tiny stations and the people that managed it. Ralph Ratti grew up at one of these stopes, Bango (Near Lahontan Dam). Take a listen here! Image is Ralph’s brothers, Ulysses and Reno.

William A. Powell Oral History

Where to even start with William Powell? His father came to Nevada to play professional baseball, he ran the Sagebrush bar downtown, he was a firefighter and ambulance cheif, he was responsible for planting frogs and fish around Stillwater… the list goes on! Take a listen here.

Josephine Peraldo Plummer Oral History

Spending many years in a home her husband built on Auction Road, Josephine Plummer was right in the middle of Fallon’s expansion down West Williams. Take a listen to her story here!