Laundry Day

Pictured below is Harrold Bellinger standing in front of his Cleaning and Pressing store front in 1922. If you are interested in heirloom laundry equipment, come check out our Blue Monday exhibit.

Furry Friend

Toys have changed throughout the years, but our love for them stays the same. The Churchill County Museum has quite a collection of vintage toys out on display that we would love to share with you. Pictured below are school students in the 1980’s with their beloved stuffies.

Tomato Worm

Hope you don’t have any of these pesky critters roaming around your garden this summer! It seems like tomato worms have been in Nevada for about as long as there have been tomatoes! Pictured below is a worm’s portrait taken by the Nevada Experiment Farmers in Churchill County.


How is your alfalfa coming along this season? Pictured here is the first train car of alfalfa shipped out of state from Churchill County under U.S Grade No. 1 Green Alfalfa. Sold in 1935 by Ed Thornton to A.L. McMurtry of Silverton, Texas.

Freshening Up

If you’ve stopped by the museum lately, you might have noticed some significant freshening up of our entrance area. This includes expanding our Community Corner (where we post community events), getting a sleek new donation box that’s much easier to reach, making our tourism information more easily accessible, and now giving our interactive map of…