In the Dodge-Fitz Gallery

Cattle Country: Branding and the Open Range

Learn about the history of open-range ranching in the state of Nevada! This exhibit features several antique Churchill County brands, beautiful photos detailing steps of the branding process, and hands-on activities for the playful of all ages!

A sepia image of cowboys branding a calf, with brown text reading "Cattle Country: Branding and the Open Range. Temporary exhibit open now"

Outside the Museum Store

Water, Water Everywhere: High Water in Churchill County

This pop-up exhibit is designed to keep residents of our county abreast of the current high water situation. The exhibit talks about floods past and present and places them in the context of our watershed, and features up-to-date water level updates. Stop by the museum to take a look!

A photo of the exhibit, "Water water everywhere" consisting of 4 banner stands (respectively titled "the Carson Basin, Irrigation and Flood Control, Historic Floods, and ongoing mitigation) a kiosk featuring a computer screen displaying data, and a large colorful map showing flood risk on the Carson River.