The Churchill County Museum Association Board of Trustees is made up of up to 11 community members from a variety of ages and backgrounds. (The 12th member of the board is an appointed County Commissioner.) Board members share a love of history and feel that preserving the past and sharing it with others is an important part of knowing who we are today.

Currently, board members serve two-year terms, beginning July 1st of each year, attend monthly board meetings, and volunteer for various projects in conjunction with museum activities.

Churchill County Museum Association Board of Trustees

  • Lynne Hartunge, President
  • Sandy Hillery, Vice President
  • Lynn Strasdin, Secretary

Members: Loretta Burden, Ron Fritcher, Kelly Frost, Bob Getto Jr., Karen Goings, Jeff Schulz, Ileigh Simons.

Churchill County Commissioner: Justin Heath

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