Hibernation Activity

It’s Groundhog Day! Though we don’t have groundhogs here in Churchill County, we do have this new hands-on activity where kids can learn all about how some of our local animals spend their winter!

Nevada State Parks Exhibit Now at the Library

Our exhibit on State parks is up and ready to go at the Churchill County Library! Be sure to come by and take a look, and to ask about renting a state park pass! This exhibit features photos of several Nevada State Parks and is spread across the library.

New Craft – Snowy Owl

We’ve got a new craft for kids in our Children’s area! Stop by to make a little snowy owl friend!

Operation Haylift

Much like this year’s, the winter of 1949 was a particularly snowy one. Unlike this year’s, the snow stuck and stranded thousands of animals across the western US. On this day, the federal government moved to start Operation Haylift to save the animals. Learn more by visiting our exhibit!

Mystery Monday – Auto Class

The spring semester is well underway at this point, as it was many decades ago when this photo was taken. We know that Ernie Ferguson, wearing the coat, was teaching these young men about auto repair, but we aren’t sure who the students are. Any of them look familiar?