The Churchill County Museum has a wide variety of long-term exhibits that reflect key themes in the history and prehistory in Churchill County. Our exhibits are too numerous to list, so here’s some key highlights:

Hidden Cave

Right near the entrance to our museum, visitors now have the chance to visit Hidden Cave any time through the power of virtual reality! This exhibit contains multiple interactive components, artifacts recovered from Hidden Cave, and two different ways to virtually explore the cave. Visitors must be at least 6 years old to use VR.

Footprints in Time

A large diorama depicting that depicts Stillwater Marsh and the Forty Mile Desert at the time white settlement was beginning in the Lahontan Valley. It blends the natural beauty of the marsh, an authentically recreated Toi-Ticutta, or Stillwater Paiute, home, and the difficulties the pioneers faced when crossing the desert.

Early Churchill County

Our newest long-term exhibit discusses some of the earliest non-Native settlement in Churchill County, highlights several prominent families and individuals, and explores trends from 1850 to 1900.

Our Changing Home

Several period rooms matched with a series of maps show domestic and political changes in Churchill County, from the rugged homes of the early pioneers to established mid-century homes in a thriving town.

Annex and Transportation Collection

The Western Annex, contains a steamroller used on Lahontan Dam, a vintage school bus, and historic firetrucks used in Churchill County.  

We are moving into a period of significant renovations, so be sure to check back in to see the new long-term exhibits going up!