Step 1: Prehistoric Rain, Step 2: ?, Step 3: VR at CCM

How in the heck are these two things connected? You’ll have to come by the official launch of the Museum’s new Hidden Cave exhibit on Saturday from 1-3 to find out! (Or really at any time. This is going to be a permanent exhibit!)

2021 Lecture Series: Water Mark

It’s time for our fall lecture series! This year we’re focusing on the Newlands Project, bringing in speakers with a range of views on our water system. Click here for information about the talks and presenters!

Traditional Lifeways at CCM

Want to learn about traditional Toi-Ticutta lifeways? Our registrar, Donna Cossette, will be teaching two classes this fall, one on flint knapping and one on making cordage. Check out the flyer below, and click here to download the signup sheet!

Hidden Cave VR – Coming Soon

Wanted to visit Hidden Cave, but haven’t been able to due to COVID or the tough hike? Well, good news! You’ll soon be able to visit virtually from the Museum, Library, or Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Community Learning Center. Each location is having an opening party next month, so click here to find out when!