Lester Pearce Oral History

If you listen to AM radio you’re probably familiar with 980 KVLV. KVLV was Fallon’s first radio station and this week’s interview is with the man who owned and operated it for many years, Lester Pearce. Take a listen here!

Churchill County Museum Director Dan Ingram dies

By Anne McMillin Churchill County PIO Dan Ingram, Churchill County Museum director, died last week from undetermined causes. Ingram, 56, served as the county museum director for the past five years and was known for bringing new and interactive initiatives, events and displays to the museum over the course of his tenure. “Dan’s passing is…

New Churchill County Candles

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Margarite Osgood Oral History

It’s easy to think we have it rough on a cold, snowy day like today, but it could be much worse! In this week’s oral history Margarite Osgood talks in depth about Operation Haylift, which was done in the particularly hard, snowy winter of 1949. Take a listen here!

Edwin Putnam Osgood Jr. Oral History

Agriculture in Churchill County has always relied on access to water with which to irrigate. This week’s oral history is with Edwin Putnam Osgood Jr. who talks about his father’s role in surveying water rights throughout the Truckee-Carson Irrigation Project and protecting the water rights of the District. Take a listen here! (Photo note: our…