Winter Hours Starting Soon!

On December 1st, we’ll be switching to our winter hours! Starting this Thursday, the museum will be open 10-4, Tuesday-Saturday and 10-3 on Sunday. Make sure you plan your visit accordingly!

Two Events in December!

*Earth, Wind & Fire voice* Hey folks, remember: we have two events in December! Seventeenth’s open house full of splendor, Tintabulations gonna play. Then New Years Eve, we’ll be hosting a gala you won’t believe. Join us then at the Pennington center, please purchase your tickets today (Oh yeah!) Ba-dee-yah, so folks, please remember Ba-dee-yah,…

Family Day

Most of us think of today as Black Friday, but it’s also Family Day here in Nevada! Holidays called Family Day are celebrated in several places worldwide but on many different days. Nevada is the only place to officially recognize the day after Thanksgiving as a state holiday. The museum is closed so we can…

It’s Turkey Day!

Today is Thanksgiving, so the museum will be closed today and tomorrow. In honor of the holiday, we’re sharing this picture of turkeys on Minnie Blair’s Atlasta Ranch. From the mid-1920s to 1940s, the Blair family’s turkeys were sold nationwide, including to Hawaii and Florida. She even provided one to President Franklin Roosevelt! Unfortunately, after…

Kennedy Assassination

59 years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, shocking the nation. However, the prior year had its share of upheavals. To learn more about this turbulent time, visit our Swingin’ 60s exhibit!