Frank Woodliff Jr Oral History

If you’ve been to the museum, you’ve seen the Woodliff Building, but you might not have heard its story! Frank Woodliff Jr. Talks about his father’s endeavors, including the novelty store, in his multiple oral histories. Take a listen here!

Paiute Storytelling at Lattin Farms

Stop by Lattin Farms this Saturday at 5:30 to hear our registrar, Donna Cossette, share some Paiute stories! On your way, be sure to stop by CCM – we’ve got coupons for $1 off the Lattin Farms corn maze!

Roy Williams Oral History

This week we’re going way back with Roy Williams, who remembers Fallon right at the turn of the 20th century! Take a listen here!

Spooky Saturday – No Good Options

Okay, I admit it, sentient food has always creeped me out. But, honestly, I’m not sure which of these two creatures would be more disturbing to see: a living can with arms and legs, desperately trying to escape being torn open, or a goose that is both smart enough to realize that food in a…

Marge Milazzo Oral History

This week we’re featuring Marge Milazzo, an elder who shares many stories, both happy and sad, of her family and her life growing up in Stillwater. Her grandparents taught her much of the Old Ways, and some of that is recorded in this interview from 1998. Take a listen here!