World Goth Day

Today is world goth day, and, let’s be real here- No one today is as goth as the Victorians were. Like, it was common back then to take hair from dead loved ones and make art from it as keepsakes. We can’t top that, but we can show you this fantastic example of a hair…

Mural Volunteers Wanted!

We’re moving on to our second mural in the Our Communities, Our Stories project, and we’re looking for volunteers to help us paint our rodeo scene! Details on the flyer below, or contact Marilyn (, 775-423-3677 ext 1223) for more details! Alt text: Flyer entitled “Volunteer Painters Wanted! Churchill County Museum Mural. The left side…

International Museum Day

We often make somewhat tongue-in-cheek posts about how every holiday is best celebrated by visiting the museum, but today is International Museum Day, so we’re 100% justified this time! We’re open until 5pm today, so come visit!

Working on a Project?

The Churchill County Museum has an expansive collection of archives and we are more than happy to help you find something specific. Contact our archivist, Marilyn ( or 775-423-3677 ext. 1223) to schedule an appointment or see if we have the information you need! Pictured is the Churchill County Museum Research Room.

Mirrors: Unbroken, Ladders: Stored Safely, Black Cats: Not Permitted

Looking for somewhere safe to go this Friday the 13th? Try the museum! We are very good at keeping our mirrors unbroken, as evidenced by this 150-year-old beauty, all of our ladders are stored in staff-only areas where they cannot be walked under, and we only allow service animals so black cats must stay outside….