10/19/21 Lecture – Water for Stillwater

Our lecture series ends where the Carson River does, in Stillwater Marsh. Join us next Tuesday at 6pm as Carl Lunderstadt, Project leader at Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, talks about how the Newlands Project affects Stillwater!

Marge Milazzo Oral History

This week we’re featuring Marge Milazzo, an elder who shares many stories, both happy and sad, of her family and her life growing up in Stillwater. Her grandparents taught her much of the Old Ways, and some of that is recorded in this interview from 1998. Take a listen here!

Spooky Saturday – Be Careful of Demon Candy!

A lot of our 1920s ads are from local businesses who were, of course, doing their best. But this week we get to pick on a large corporation! Wrigley’s, where did you get that triangle-headed demon and, more importantly, why did you get it? It looks like he’s well into the process of converting this…

Decades of Rodeo Excellency

Heading Cowboy-Con this weekend? They’re giving us a real blast from the past, but rodeos and other “Wild West” type events have never gone out of style here in Fallon! To prove it, here’s an image from nearly a century ago when Alice Sisty jumped over a Ford Roadster with two horses! Want more rodeo…

Did You Know?

Did you know many Native peoples, including the Toi-Ticutta, traditionally carried their children in cradleboards? Cradleboards can be made with a variety of materials, including willow branches. The Churchill County Museum has various cradleboards on display. Stop by to take a look and learn more about them!