Happy National Twilight Zone Day!

 Imagine, if you will, a world in which you can walk through time and learn about the past and the people that lived there, and where there are plenty of hands-on activities to help with learning. Welcome to the Museum Zone. (Happy National Twilight Zone Day from CCM!)

High Water Exhibit

Looking to get your head around our current high water situation? We’re here to help! Our new pop-up exhibit, “Water, Water Everywhere” contextualizes this year in terms of our watershed, past floods, and current concerns. Come by CCM to learn more!

AAPI Highlight – Tapa Cloth

This week for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’re highlighting this tapa cloth. Tapa cloth is made from the inside of tree bark which is beaten flat, and then painted with beautiful designs like those you see here. This example comes from Tonga (a small country near Fiji and Samoa).

Mystery Monday – Unknown Gathering

It’s mystery Monday again, and this week we’re looking to identify these folks. We know nothing about this photo, other than that it was taken in October 1980. Can you help us?

Immigration and the Census

On this day in 1843, the first Japanese Immigrant, 14-year-old Manjiro, arrived in the United States. The first Japanese immigrants arrived in Churchill County sometime between 1890 and 1900, and many of them worked as laborers. To learn more about immigration trends, make an appointment to come in and view our census records!