Mystery Monday – Auto Class

The spring semester is well underway at this point, as it was many decades ago when this photo was taken. We know that Ernie Ferguson, wearing the coat, was teaching these young men about auto repair, but we aren’t sure who the students are. Any of them look familiar?

Hoppy Year of the Rabbit!

Today is the Lunar New Year, and we’re wishing you a happy Year of the Rabbit! Though Churchill County has never had a large rabbit industry, they’ve been a 4H favorite for generations, as this boy showing off his rabbit in 1967 suggests.

Photo Book Refresh

Our big photo book, which has always been a big favorite, has finally gotten a much-needed facelift! Our photo curator removed duplicates, enlarged the images, sorted them by topic, and has printed them with a splash of color. Stop by this weekend to browse!  

National Cheese Lover’s Day

Though our local Creamland Dairy focused on milk, they made many other dairy products, including cottage cheese! Here’s Hap Davis working in their facility around 1950.

Local Earrings for Sale

We love featuring local artists and artisans in our museum store, so we’re excited to have these beautiful handmade earrings from Cleta Conley. They’re all unique, so if you see one you like make sure to come down quick!