Mystery Monday – The Fisherman

With the weather getting nicer, now is a great time to get out and fish, like this gentleman did around 1969. Sadly, we’re not sure who he is! Anyone recognize him?

Mystery Monday – Unknown Gathering

It’s mystery Monday again, and this week we’re looking to identify these folks. We know nothing about this photo, other than that it was taken in October 1980. Can you help us?

International Workers Day

In the US, we celebrate Labor Day in September, but many other places celebrate International Worker’s Day on May 1st! In honor of that, this Mystery Monday we’re trying to identify these men who worked for the Civilian Conservation Corps helping to maintain canals here in Churchill County. Can you help us?

Mystery Monday – Switchboard Workers

Starting this week, some of our staff will be helping with the County’s ongoing flooding emergency by answering calls for assistance. This should not affect museum function, but did inspire us to find these photos of employees taking calls at Churchill County Telephone for this Mystery Monday. Anyone recognize them?