Cinco de Mayo

Today is Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates Mexico’s victory over France in 1862 (It’s not Mexico’s Independence Day. That’s September 16). Want to learn some other facts about Mexican history? Come to the museum and get this book, “Planet Taco, a global history of Mexican Food!”

Independent Bookstore Day

Today is Independent Bookstore Day! Though we’ve been working on focusing our selection, the museum still has many books for sale in its museum stop. Come by today to take a look!

Women’s History Highlight

For our last Women’s History Highlight of 2023, we’re featuring Votes for Women by Winifred Conkling, which tells the story of American suffragettes and how they won the right to vote in the early 1900s. You can get it at our store today!

Women’s History Highlight: Front Page Girls

Fallon has a long tradition of female journalists, and in honor of that, this week for women’s history month, we’re featuring Front Page Girls by Jean Marie Lutes. This book talks about some of the pioneering female journalists and is available in our museum store!

Women’s History Highlight: Roses of the West

In honor of women’s history month,  this week we’re featuring the book “Roses of the West” By Anne Seagraves, which features many inspiring stories that span 1826-1977. We have several of Seagraves’s books, so come browse today! In honor of #womenshistorymonth,  this week we’re featuring the book “Roses of the West” By Anne Seagraves, which features…