Buckland Station

Though Buckland Station (pictured here) is in Lyon County today, on November 29, 1861 it became Churchill County’s seat. Fallon is Churchill County’s 4th county seat, which it has been since 1904.

Mystery Monday – Boys on a Train

Are these normal boys on a tiny train, or giant boys on a normal-sized train from far away? We don’t know. We do know these boys are related to the Kents and the photo was taken in Santa Cruz around 1910, but we’re not sure about their names. Can you help us?

It’s Turkey Day!

Today is Thanksgiving, so the museum will be closed today and tomorrow. In honor of the holiday, we’re sharing this picture of turkeys on Minnie Blair’s Atlasta Ranch. From the mid-1920s to 1940s, the Blair family’s turkeys were sold nationwide, including to Hawaii and Florida. She even provided one to President Franklin Roosevelt! Unfortunately, after…

Mystery Monday – Thanksgiving at the Bank

For this week’s Mystery Monday, we found a photo of the First Federal Bank all decked out for Halloween! We know this was taken in November of 1981, but don’t recognize these employees. Do any of them look familiar to you?

National Fast Food Day

It’s National Fast Food Day (as though most of us need an excuse lol). Who remembers when the McDonalds on Williams got its iconic golden arches? If you were in Fallon in July of 1982, you might have seen this event first-hand!