National Doctors’ Day

It’s National Doctors’ Day! We want to thank all doctors, past and present, for everything they do to keep us healthy! This photo features Dr. Virgina Smith, who opened her Fallon Practice in 1905 and was the only practicing physician in Churchill County for many years! Visit the museum to learn more about her and…

The Fallon Flood

While we’ve had an unusual amount of wet weather this year, so far (knock on wood!) it’s got nothing on 1907! On this day 116 years ago, the Fallon flood started. Though no one was killed, waters took several weeks to recede, and the event re-routed the Carson River!

Mystery Monday: Gardeners

With it being the first day of spring, our minds are turning to gardening! We’ve got this wonderful image of the Hoe N’ Hum gardeners, but we’re not sure who was in the group. Recognize any of these lovely ladies?

Fallon’s Irish History

It’s St. Patrick’s day! Did you know that Mike Fallon, our town’s namesake, was an Irish immigrant? He and his wife Eliza established a post office on what would become Maine and Williams in 1896. Though he left in 1902, the name stuck! Learn more about the Fallons at our early ranching families exhibit.

Wonder Mine

On this day in 1906, Thomas J. Stroud made his claim on Wonder Mine in Eastern Churchill County. Over the coming months, miners would flock to Wonder (pictured here) from the nearby town of Fairview. Learn more by visiting the museum!