How Do You Get Gold’s Attention? Aaayyyy youuuuuu!

How Do You Get Gold’s Attention? Aaayyyy youuuuuu! Do you get it? Beyond the hilarious gold puns and periodic table references, mining has had a major influence on our little town. Be sure to stop by to see our mineral collection, which has specimens from across Nevada and beyond! Pictured below is a little girl…

Decades of Rodeo Excellency

Heading Cowboy-Con this weekend? They’re giving us a real blast from the past, but rodeos and other “Wild West” type events have never gone out of style here in Fallon! To prove it, here’s an image from nearly a century ago when Alice Sisty jumped over a Ford Roadster with two horses! Want more rodeo…

Then and Now

Computers have come a long way in 40 years. Come experience the CCM’s newest computer and take a virtual reality tour of Hidden Cave.

Can’t Stop. Wont Stop.

Do you know how many events we have coming up for you this fall? You might be as happy as these two if you came to the Churchill County Museum to find out.

Happy Coach

Is coach this happy because he is grilling a burger? Or, is it because he is thinking about the Churchill County Museum?