How Many Books Have You Read This Summer?

We know that many of our junior historians and community members have reading homework this summer! If you are having trouble finding something to read, no worries! We have you covered with an expansive collection of new and vintage books available for purchase! Pictured are two children at the Churchill County Library. Photo from the…

Summer Vacation is Almost Over!

For many students in the community, the school year is approaching fast! Be sure to take it all in and enjoy yourself before you return to the classroom. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy the last few weeks before school, or if you want to learn something new, be sure to visit us….

Try Something New!

Have you tried Virtual Reality before? If not, we would love to introduce you to it by providing an interactive tour of Hidden Cave! If you or someone you know isn’t physically able to access the cave, this would be an amazing alternative. Ask about it at the front desk!

La Plata Historic Site

You probably know Fallon is the county seat, and you might know Buckland Station and Stillwater have previously held that honor. However, few people have been to La Plata in eastern Churchill County, which was the county seat from 1864 to 1868. Today, only stone ruins remain. You can learn more about LaPlata and our…

Is the summer heat getting you down?

If you’ve been in Fallon lately, you might be trying to survive the summer heat! The Toi-Ticutta people have been finding ways to beat the heat for generations. These women are taking advantage of the shade, so they can work in the summer sun! Typically, structures like this were utilized for shaded work-spaces. To learn…