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You can now update your Churchill County Museum membership from the comfort of your home! No postage or forms required! Just be sure to include your best mailing address so we can send you your membership card and newsletters. For more information about membership, click here!

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Membership card will be mailed to you if you put in your mailing address .

Jr. Member, Senior, and Individual level memberships have a $1 convenience fee to offset PayPal and mailing fees on our end.

Additional information

Membership Level

Jr. Member (18 and under), Senior (60+), Individual, Family, Wagon Master, Pioneer, Homesteader, Business Wagon Master, Business Pioneer, Business Homesteader, Business Dam Builder, Business Aviator

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lynn Strasdin says:

    Can you verify my membership. I paid through PayPal. I did not get to a page that asked for name or information?

    1. Rae Sottile says:


      We have your membership in our system as an individual member paid through the 26th of next year. However, we do not have an address for you. The lack of an information page may be due to a recent update, and we are looking into the cause.

      In the meantime, I will be reaching out with the email you provided so that we can get your address in our system and you can receive all of our newsletters.

      Thank you for your support and for bringing this to our attention!

      Raeburn Sottile, Curator

  2. Jacqueline Belmont says:

    Please confirm the expiration date of my current membership, as I wish to renew it. Can you send renewal confirmation to my email, e.g.,

    1. Rae Sottile says:

      Ms. Belmont,

      According to our records, you have a senior-level membership, which expired on June 7th of this year. If you purchase a membership online, you should automatically receive an email with your confirmation and we will also mail you a new membership card.

      Thanks for continuing to support CCM!

      Raeburn Sottile, Curator

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