Image Request

We are happy to share our photos when permitted by copyright law. Simply fill out the following form and a staff member will contact you as soon as possible. Fees are determined based on intended use and availability of photos.

1. The Churchill County Museum (CCM) provides all available information concerning copyright ownership of photographs requested. While the CCM endeavors to maintain accurate records regarding copyright ownership, it does not warranty that this information is accurate or complete.

a. Due to the nature of archival collections, third party rights of privacy, publicity, copyright or trademark are not always identifiable. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the copyright status of materials provided by the CCM Archives is unevaluated and/or undetermined.

b. It is up to the Requestor to determine whether an item is protected by copyright or in the public domain, and then satisfy any copyright or use restrictions before publishing or distributing materials provided from the CCM Archives.

c. It is likewise up to the Requester to obtain permission from individuals featured in photographs to use their image and/or likeness.

d. Transmission or reproduction of protected items beyond what is allowed by fair use or other exemptions requires written permission from the copyright holder, and the responsibility to secure said permission rests solely with the requestor, not the CCM.

e. Subtraction from, addition to, or any other alteration of the provided materials is expressly prohibited.

f. Materials provided by the CCM are for a one-time, one-project use only, according to the purpose stated in the image request form as submitted and approved. Materials are not to be reproduced, published, or used further without the submission and approval of a separate request. CCM consent and permission to use Materials is limited to the express purpose as set forth in the request form and does not extend to additional purposes.

g. Copyright holders retain all rights to materials in CCM collections provided to requestors. Possession of images does not constitute copyright ownership or permission to use them, and transmission of copies from CCM does not imply the transference of such ownership or permission. All images remain the intellectual property of the copyright holder, if applicable.
The following credit line near the image, or in a designated image credit section, must be included: “[Photographer name if known, Collection if known] / courtesy of the Churchill County Museum”.