Mystery Monday – Nurse and Patient

Feeling a little under the weather (like the patient in bed)? Maybe this nurse could help you out. If only we knew who she was! Any ideas? #mysterymonday

Mystery Monday – Auto Class

The spring semester is well underway at this point, as it was many decades ago when this photo was taken. We know that Ernie Ferguson, wearing the coat, was teaching these young men about auto repair, but we aren’t sure who the students are. Any of them look familiar?

Mystery Monday – Butter Making

Most of the time, our social media guy likes to be seasonal for Mystery Monday. But somedays pictures are just interesting enough he needs to ask about them the next time there’s an opening. Like these two guys who are doing… something to milk, allegedly as part of the butter-making process. Anyone know who they…

Mystery Monday – Punch bowl

Looking for drinks to serve at a holiday party? These women seem to have it figured out! We’re not sure what their recipe is, but we’re guessing it uses a lot of 7-Up! Do you recognize either of them?

Mystery Monday – Daycare Santa

We’re starting to get into the Christmas spirit here at CCM, and came across this picture of Santa visiting Grandma Jean’s Daycare in 1980. Everyone knows St. Nick, but does anyone recognize any of the kids with him?