New Pins in our Store!

We’ve got new pin-back buttons in our museum store! At $1.25, you can’t afford not to collect all 5 designs. Stop by today to get yours!

Women’s History Highlight – All The Single Ladies

History extends from the beginning of time to a few seconds ago. Acknowledging that fact, our final book of Women’s History Month is Rebecca Traister’s All The Single Ladies. This book focuses on how single women have made (and continue to make!) history. You can get this book in store or online here

Women’s History Highlight – Amelia Earhart’s Daughters

With NAS Fallon’s prominence, it’s fair to say flight is an integral part of Fallon’s history. In honor of that, this week’s book Amelia Earhart’s Daughters: The Wild & Glorious Story of American Women Aviators from World War II to the Dawn of the Space Age looks at mid-twentieth century aviatrixes and their contributions and…

Pamphlets, Pamphlets, and More Pamphlets!

Are you looking for more information on our community, a map to an adventure, or perhaps, just a bookmark? Then be sure to visit us, for a variety of free and purchasable pamphlets that will surely give you something to think about! Pictured is Mike Proctor holding a map. From the Joyce Alcorn Photo Collection.

Bracelets, Gem Pendants, and Mood Rings

Looking for the perfect accessory for your new spring look? We’ve got you covered at CCM with our many wonderful jewelry pieces! We want to highlight our new Roll-On bracelets, which are ethically crafted by Nepali artisans and come in a wide variety of beautiful patterns. Get yours in our shop today!