John “Jack” Sheehan Oral History

This week we’re bringing out our earliest interview. John Sheehan was born on the Comstock in 1864 and gives valuable insight into the very earliest days of Churchill County. The image was taken in the 1920s, when he was on the Prohibition task force here. You can read his interview by clicking this link!

Elanor Douglass Scofield Oral History

If you’ve been in Fallon awhile (or checked out the new walking tour on our app!) You probably know of the big pink house. You might even know that it used to belong to a man named R.L. Douglass. But his family has a long and complicated history, as his daughter Elanor discusses in her…

Marie Gomes Madsen Rogers Oral History

Last week we heard one take on CC Comm, and this week we have another. Marie Rogers worked as a switchboard operator there for many years, and has great insights into how it changed from the 1930s to the 1980s. Take a listen here!

Harold William Rogers Oral History

This week we’re focusing on a classic Churchill County Institution – CC Comm. Our interviewee, Harold Rogers, spent many years working for the company and eventually wound up running it! Take a listen here.

New Exhibit – Healthcare Heroes Open Now!

Our newest exhibit, Healthcare Heroes pays tribute to healthcare workers in Churchill County throughout time, from Numa medicine doctors to today’s covid response. Come check it out in our Dodge-Fitz Changing Gallery!