Spring Lecture Series starts tonight!

Tonight is the first of our Spring Lecture Series! Join us as we welcome Jessica Rowe, director of Western Nevada College Fallon Campus & Rural Outreach. She’ll be talking about her experiences running the college, so join us for her presentation at 6:30!

Flyer reading “Spring Lecture Series: How-to adjective: giving practical instruction and acvice. How to…! Jessica Rowe, Director, Western Nevada College Fallon Campus & Rural Outreach. Tuesday, March 28, 630pm. How to… Start a newspaper! Rachel Dahl, editor, the Fallon Post, Tuesday April 4th, 6:30pm. How to… Live a Life with books! Carol Lloyd, Director, Churchill County Library, Tuesday April 11 6:30 pm. How to… Change our world! Kelli Kelly, Director, Fallon Food Hub. Tuesday, April 18, 6:30 pm.” The flyer is mostly dark blue with red, gold, and white highlights and a white stick figure illustrating each title.

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