Mural Painting Resumes

Spring has officially sprung, and so we’re starting on our murals again! We’ll be working on our NAS Fallon Mural 12-4PM, Friday through Saturday, starting April 7th  (weather permitting), so if you’re available any of these days, consider lending us a hand!

Flyer for the mural. Text reads “Volunteer Painters Wanted! Churchill County Museum Mural. The Churchill County Museum in conjunction with the Churchill Community Coalition is looking for volunteers to paint the third panel of our “Our Community, Our Stories” Mural! This will be a paint by numbers mural where you will come and be given a number/section to paint. If you’re interested please contact Marilyn at 775-423-3677 or at Mural design by Kat Hull. Dates volunteers are neede: Fri, April 7th 12pm-4pm; Sat, April 15th 12pm-4pm; Sat, April 22nd 12pm-4pm; Sat, April 8th 12pm-4pm; Sun, April 16th 12pm-4pm; Sun, April 23rd 12pm-4pm; Fri, April 14th 12pm-4pm; Fri, April 21st 12pm-4pm;” Mural features logos of the museum, community coalition, Nevada Humanities, and National Endowment of the arts. In the center is an image of the competed mural, showing a jet taking off at NAS Fallon and several other aircraft in the background.

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