Nevada Parks Exhibit… at the Library

Normally we encourage everyone to visit us on the weekends, but this time we’re actually going to pitch going to the library!  They’re hosting a new exhibit we made, which focuses on Nevada State Parks, and if you want to see more you can even check out a pass to get into the parks for free (assuming one is available)! 

A display case at the Churchill County Library featuring 3 silver-framed images of scenic natural landscapes, one silver framed black and white image of a large two story building, and a smaller framed image showing the passport for the state parks. This case also has a large standing banner reading "Visit State Parks with the Library! You can now check out a pass that will get one vehicle into any Nevada State Park for free! There are 28 State Parks spread across Nevada and 1/3 of them are less than two hours from Fallon. Where will you explore? To Highlight this new program, the Churchill County Library is proud to present this selection of photos from Several Nevada State Parks. Exhibit produced by the Churchill County museum."]

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