Looking for Exhibit Feedback!

With daily frosts, it’s hard to miss that winter’s nearly here. To celebrate, next month we’re opening a winter photography exhibit! Our model (pictured here) will be near our gift shop until the 15th so you can get a taste of what’s coming and, if you so choose, leave comments!

color photograph of a paper model of an exhibit. It is three pieces of printer paper arranged in a U, standing with clear plastic stands. The walls have small photographs in silvery frames. In the center of the U are 5 additional smaller pieces of paper (about the width of business cards but slightly taller) with several more pictures on it. The stands are arranged in a pentagon, and the front one reads "Frozen Fallon". In front of the model are two pieces of dark blue paper taped together reading "Frozen Fallon" To the right is a notepad and a sign with the title "Help us Plan our Exhibit!" Other text is present on the sign, but too small to read in this image.

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