National Teddy Bear Day

It’s National teddy bear day.  You probably know that teddy bears are named for President Teddy Roosevelt, who refused to shoot a bear on a hunting expedition.  But did you know that Roosevelt was also instrumental in expanding farming in Churchill County?  Find out how at CCM!

Color photograph of an exhibit case. The exhibit has an antique teddy bear sitting on top of a worn trunk beside a photo of president theodore roosevelt. It holds a sign reading "The Teddy Bear, with its movable arms, legs, and head, was introduced to the nation in 1903 by candy store operators Morris and Rose Michtom of Brooklyn, New York. The Michtoms had seen a cartoon drawn by Clifford Berryman in the November 18, 1903 issue of the Washington Evening Star, showing President "Teddy" Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear cub while hunting in Mississippi. The Michtoms obtained permission from the president to use his nickname for the brown, plush toy, and the Teddy Bear soon became a worldwide sensation.

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