New Exhibit: Swingin’ 62

In honor of this weekend’s reunion, we’ve updated (downdated?) our main exhibit space to pay tribute to the class of 1962! We’ve also got our big photo of the old High School out for alumni to sign. Come take a trip down memory lane at CCM!

Color photo of an exhibit enclosed in glass. There is a full female mannequin with short curly hair, cats-eye glasses, a brown cardigan with snowflake pattern and shin-length tan skirt and converse sneakers. To her left is a male mannequin lacking head, hands, and feet wearing a blue plaid shirt and black slacks. The back wall has a large sign reading "Swingin' 62" and movie and TV show posters and album covers from the timer period including the Jetsons, Lawrence of Arabia, Wagon Train, West Side Story, Dr. No, Bob Dylan's self-titled album, and Meet the Supremes. On the floor there is a late 50s/early 60s brown TV and transistor radio, an open yearbook, a photo of the 1962 High school rodeo champions, a slim phonebook with a cartoon of a woman on the phone, and an open scrapbook with floats supporting the high school. On the lower part of the glass there is a list of slang words and definitions from the era, and on the right is a large banner showing events in 1962.
The New Swingin’ 62 exhibit.

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