Research Room is Back Open!

As of today, we’re happy to welcome researchers back into our research room! However, as we are still in the process of renovating our archive, some materials remain inaccessible. We thank you for your continued patience!

You may notice we now have our reference library in the research room. This is for the safety of our newspapers and records. Our new archive will have flat archival shelves, which will stop the books from bending and protect them from gasses released from the wood and PVC of the old shelves!

A color photo of the research room. It is a small room with a cement floor, fluorescent lights, and its walls lined with petal shelves filled with books of different sizes. In the center of the room, there is a brown table with a desktop computer, pencil cup, and paper sorter with several different handouts and “out” dividers. Two folding chairs with brown cushions are placed in front of the table.

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