Dreaming of Cooler Days

Does this heat have you dreaming you were diving into a deep Virginia City snow pile on a January day in 1916? That’s oddly specific and we can’t make that happen. However, we can give you this image and invite you to come cool off at CCM! We’ve got crisp, cool air conditioning, and our 1860s exhibit can help you learn more about Virginia City to aid in imagining yourself there!

Black and white image of an early 1900s town street. A black and white dog stands on the street, which is filled with snow at least 6 feet high. To the right, there is a (mostly) shoveled-out sidewalk with a man standing. He appears to be wearing a bowler hat with his hands in his pockets but is too far back to see clearly. The caption reads “C. St. Virginia City, Nevada. Jan 18, 1916”
Churchill County Museum Collection

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