Early Asian-American Businesses

Our previous AAPI history posts have focused on ranch life, but at the turn of the last century, we had multiple Asian-owned businesses right in Fallon! These three ads were taken from the very first issue of the Churchill County Eagle, and there were multiple other businesses listed in other issues. Though we do not know the proprietor of this particular Japanese Laundry, we do know that Frank Furukawa opened the first Japanese Laundry in Fallon in 1905, so this may be that same business.

Transcription of ads: “From the first-ever issue of the Churchill County Eagle. Thursday, October 11, 1906.” “Fong Wing’s Restaurant. Fong Wing needs no introduction to the people of Fallon. He is up-to-date and buys his provisions from the home merchants. Best Short Order Meals in the city at popular prices. Fine Chicken Dinner Every Sunday. Try one. Everything in Season.” “Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness! Let us keep you clean. We will do up your collars and cuffs as neatly as any laundry in the State. A trial will convince you. Japanese Laundry (In Verplank Addition).” “Home Bakery Home-made French, Graham, and Rye Bread —all kinds but poor bread. Pies, Cakes, Doughnuts and Pastry of every description. Give us a call. H. Fugii, Maine Street, near Kent’s store.”

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