Mural Volunteers Wanted!

We’re moving on to our second mural in the Our Communities, Our Stories project, and we’re looking for volunteers to help us paint our rodeo scene! Details on the flyer below, or contact Marilyn (, 775-423-3677 ext 1223) for more details!

Alt text:

Flyer entitled “Volunteer Painters Wanted! Churchill County Museum Mural.

The left side is an image of the mural, showing four people riding animals. On the upper left is a man in a red shirt riding a bull, in the upper right is a man in a white shirt on a bucking horse, in the bottom right is a child on a sheep, and in the bottom left is a woman riding a horse around a barrel. The image is captioned “mural design by Kat Hull”

On the right side is the main body text. “The Churchill County Museum in Conjunction with the Churchill Community Coalition is looking for volunteers to paint the second panel of our “Our Community, Our Stories” mural! If you’re interested please contact Marilyn at 775-423-3677 or at Blow that are the logos for the Churchill County Museum, Churchill Community Coalition, Nevada Humanities, and National Endowment for the Humanities. It then lists the Dates volunteers are needed. Friday, May 20; Monday, May 23; Friday, May 27; Tuesday, May 31; and Friday, June 3; from 10am-3pm, and Saturday, June 4 10am-2pm

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