The Ito-Kito Ranch

The first few Japanese settlers arrived in Churchill County in the 1890s. Many worked as laborers, but others farmed independently. Most famously, in 1920, Juichi Kito and Kensuke Ito bought an 80-acre ranch here in Fallon. Though the Japanese population faced significant hostility in 1920 and 1921, this died down surprisingly quickly. The Ito and Kito families put a lot of time and effort into growing Fallon’s Famous Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe.

Though anti-Japanese racism flared across every corner of the US during WWII, this was less prevalent in Fallon than in many other areas. As local agriculture decreased after the war, however, most Japanese farmers gradually moved away.

To learn more about the Ito and Kito Families, or Japanese-American History in Churchill County, make a research appointment, or ask about our In Focus Volume 7!

Pictured is the Ito-Kito Ranch, in the Spring of 1941.

From the Churchill County Photograph Collection.

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