Keeping Tradition Alive!

Have you seen the mosaic mural near our entrance? It was put together by local school children in 1976. Current youngsters can join in this tradition by volunteering to work on our new painted murals! Contact Marilyn Goble (, 775-423-3677) if you are interested in volunteering, and being a part of our history!

Students working on the mosaic mural, from the Churchill County Museum Inventory

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  1. Terri Jo Demars says:

    My name is Terry Jo Demars I was the person chosen to come to the grand opening of the museum in ’76 for the mural I signed the bathroom mural was just wondering if it’s still there that’s when the school was doing the first time mural

    1. Rae Sottile says:


      That’s really cool and thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, your mural is no longer here. The most likely scenario is that it was painted over during a bathroom remodel (we’re not sure exactly when, but it would have been at least 20 years ago). If you happen to have a picture of the mural, though, we’d love to see it to know that piece of our institutional history!

      -Raeburn Sottile, photo curator

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