Allen Spoon Oral History

Memorial Day is about honoring those that gave their lives serving our country. Of course, the nature of their sacrifice means they do not leave oral histories. So, instead, today’s oral history is with Allen Spoon, who was close friends with Bruce Van Voorhis, the Medal of Honor recipient for whom Van Voorhis Field (NAS Fallon) is named.

Bruce Van Voorhis at the US Naval Academy, 1925 (18 years before his death in WWII). Willie Capucci Collection, Churchill County Museum.

Of course, Spoon also had a fascinating life in his own right. He spent time in Hollywood in the 1940s working for Gene Autry and met a number of stars. You can listen to his entire oral history here!

Allen Spoon and Sandy Guyman in Hollywood, Ca. Allen Spoon Collection, Churchill County Museum.

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