Peggy (Margaret) and Bud (Diehl) Reynolds aboard a Steam Tractor.  Parents were Tex Reynolds and Katie deBraga.  Peggy, a Fallon resident most of her life, was a volunteer at Churchill County Museum for many years.

According to Wikipedia, the term steam tractor, in North America, refers to a type of agricultural tractor powered by a steam engine used extensively in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The steam engine was gradually phased out by the mid-1920s as the more efficient internal combustion tractors emerged after WWI.

This last statement conflicts with the data on record at CC Museum that states it was taken int he 1930s. Given that Peggy was born in 1924, and Bud about 1931, the late 1930s would be a good estimate of the time frame.

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