Fallon’s Spudnut Shop image has been posted before, but – another year, another view – and, hey, Sunday is doughnut day, isn’t it?  This little shop is a memory everyone seems to love.  Excerpt from Wikipedia re: history of Spudnut shops : “After brothers Al and Bob Pelton of Salt Lake City ate potato-based doughnuts in Germany, they tried a number of things, from wheat dough that was flavored with potato water to using mashed potatoes, before creating a dry potato mix that not only worked for them but made it possible to franchise the concept.[1] They coined the word “spudnut”, and went into business in 1940.  . . In 1946, the company began establishing a nationwide chain of franchised Spudnut Shops, and . . . By 1948, over 200 Spudnut Shops had sprung up across the USA. “ The small idea morphed into a million dollar+ business in the 1950s-70s; however, after changing hands numerous times, the parent company became embroiled in a fraud case and  was closed in 1979.

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