New Exhibit


Now featured in the Dodge-Fitz Changing Gallery of Churchill County Museum is a rare collection of photographs of Lehman Cave/Great Basin National Park and other eastern Nevada caves. Taken in the late 1920s by photographer John W. Walker, these images represent the endurance of early photographic techniques,  and recreate an historic context in which today’s scientists can measure the degradation of use, misuse, and time on the environs of the caves.  There are two distinct sections within this one exhibit: (1) on loan from the Great Basin Heritage Area association, was created from copy prints found in the Library of Congress and compared to digital images created this past year by photographer Dave Bunnell;  (2) photographs created at the museum using the original negatives of Mr. Walker that were long thought to have disappeared. This collection of negatives, which includes the images found in the Library of Congress plus many more previously unknown to exist, were donated to Churchill County Museum by J.W. Walker’s son – Robert “Bob” Walker – a long-time museum supporter and one-time host.  Come see for yourself some of the most iconic images of Lehman Caves known to exist as well as some from nearby Whipple Cave.

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