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  1. Mervin Gustavson says:

    My grandfather’s Beechcraft V-35 Bonanza. He has owned 3 of these. He also owned 3, AT-6 Texans, a Meyers bilpane and I believe a Stinson.

  2. Carl LaFong says:

    This Bonanza crashed near Eureka in the 1990s, killing the pilot. Pilot error due to icing.

    I think Andy owned 4 or 5 Bonanzas, possibly as early as 1947, which I think was the first year of production. He landed twice at the Fallon airport with the gear up. Dick Erb drove the Unit crane from the Silver State shop out to the airport to lift it off the runway. Andy fumed as only he could for a half hour while the slow-moving crane made its way. One of the funniest things I can recall about Fallon.

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